Six Decades Of Bullying

An epic war story, a bit too much booze and a children’s birthday party;

what could possibly go wrong? ​

A dramatic comedy exploring marriage, divorce, men and war. Two recently divorced dads are preparing a kid's party, while re-telling the classic story of the Trojan War. What could possibly go wrong?

Troy Boys is a funny, touching and at times, tragic play about two mates. Frank and Edgar struggle to throw a joint birthday party for their sons, while at the same time dealing with their marriage breakdowns. Through the lens of Troy Boys we see their failures paralled with 'Homers' story of Helen of Troy.

As the men plan party games, struggle with cake recipes, deal with lollibags and hangovers their suburban kitchen transforms into the Trojan War. Refrigerators speak prophecies, sacred flames shoot from stove tops and Agamemnon, Achilles and Hector emerge to speak of sacrifice, love & domestic violence, the same ingredients that have shaped and marred Frank and Edgar’s marriages.

Their battleground is a kitchen, their weapons are balloons, birthday cakes & lollies but just like their ancient forebears, these ordinary men must choose their own path towards either redemption or destruction.

Ticket price:
School Student - $15. 1 Teacher free with every 20 students attending.
Dates and Times at Venues:
Wednesday 3rd of May to Friday 12th of May 10:30am & 1:30pm. 7:30pm sessions are available at request and weekends sessions (TBC). At Richmond Theatrette. Adress: 415 Church Street, Richmond.

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