Alpha Beat

Curriculum Relevance:

Dance: Performing, Composing, Appreciating.

English: Rhyme, Verse.

A winning blend of Dance, Comedy and Gymnastics!

Alpha Beat

A is for Absolutely Anything you can imagine and Absolutely Anything can be interpreted in Dance. B is for Ballet, C is for Choreography and D is for Drama as Robin dances through to X, Y and Z.

The alphabet is cleverly used as a story line and each letter acts as a springboard to explore another avenue of dance. With plenty of letters to get through in fifty minutes the show certainly zips along.

Alpha Beat is a dance journey with humour and edge, that incorporates a good dollop of gymnastics, giving the show those extra visual and wow factors. It’s designed to enable older and younger students alike to engage and relate.

While the show certainly looks at many performance dance styles it also focuses on the important role dance plays in celebrating and socializing in Australian and other cultures. Dancing for one’s own enjoyment is certainly encouraged. Secondary to the exploration of dance in its many facets is the story of a child who wanted to dance and the adult she grew into.

Robin Godfrey has a BSc in Nutrition and Exercise Science from Wollongong University. Robin also studied for twelve months at the University of Chapel Hill in North Carolina (USA), where she studied Sports Science and Dance. Since graduating in the 1990’s, Robin has worked as an Exercise Physiologist, Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer before joining Thylacine Dance Theatre in 1998. Since then Robin has taught dance at the company’s studio in Hobart, performed for Hobart’s night culture, choreographed and still found time to tour a few months each year to schools across Australia.

What schools have said:

The performance was educational, entertaining and humourours, with a good smattering of wow moments to keep all level from prep to greade six ebtertianed and engaged.

Markus Bucher. K to Year 6. Blackmans Bay Primary School. Blackmans Bay. TAS. 19/06/2017.

Good that the students got to go up in front of the auidience. A-Z theme was engaging. Music was great. Suitable for K-6.

Jess Gifford. Campania District School. Campania. TAS. 18/11/2016.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift of dance with us! Your entertaining show not only kept us entertained but you have inspired many to try and continue dancing! What a talented young woman! Full of passion for her craft. Spoke beautifully for the children. Energetic and gave 100%. Thank you on behalf of everyone at St Peter Apostle.

Connie Skinner. P to Yr 7. St Peter Apostle School. Hoppers Crossing. 18/07/2014.

Price:$4.00 per student (No GST applies)..

Suitable: Preps, K to Year 7.

Minimum Audience Size: 120 students.

Times: Show: 50 minutes. Set up: 45 minutes. Pack up: 30 minutes.

Requires an indoor performing area 5m deep x 5m wide.

Robin Godfrey ABN: 34 945 489 108

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