Curriculum Relevance:

History: The effects of changing technology on our lives over time and the people and events that brought these changes about.


Our heritage of changing technology and life style.


With just over 100 items of clothing, toys, tools, utensils, and all manner of paraphernalia spanning more than 120 years this show is a mini mobile museum. Children are shown how with advances and changes all manner of things have become easier to do, less expensive and our expectations of daily life continue to rise.

Many children will be surprised to see that the first recorded music was sold on cylinders; then came the more familiar flat circular records (78, 45 and 33); reel to reel, then cassettes, before the advancement to CDs, MP3 and iPods.

Using newspapers, magazines and childrens’ books from the early 1900’s to current day students see how much the print media has evolved. Of course it started around 580 years ago with text and sketches printed with black ink on white paper. However, in the past 120 years printing has changed dramatically with black and white photographs, then colour and that colour printing has changed from stylised primary colours to the vivid, realistic printing that we have today.

Australia Changing Over Time is so much more than a ‘show and tell’ with a bunch of old stuff. It’s a fun, live theatre experience. Winnie the Western Quoll is forever interrupting with her mischievous comments and antics. Students are shown how a few decades ago, after school, children would often go hunting for their dinner and when Ferris the Ferret escapes it takes Ruth all her skills and the cooperation of the entire audience to get him back in his ferret box. There are “What is this and what was it used for” games and dress ups when students get to realize just how restrictive some clothing was, while other clothing styles where just wild, way-out and even weird.

Australia Changing Over Time is a whole bunch of educational fun designed to make students aware of how we got the Australia we live in today and speculate on what lies ahead for us all.


What other schools have said:

Children enjoyed it, right mix of information, fun, humour, styles (e.g. kitchen / shed quiz), kept good pace, changing fashions etc.

Michelle Miller. K to Year 7. St James School. Jamestown. SA. 16/06/2017.

An enthusiastic show that engaged everyone. It was funny and entertaining drawing a lot of laughter from the children. The props were fantastic.

Eve Sheers. Year 2. St Thomas More Primary School. Sunshine Beach. QLD. 10/03/2017.

The artefacts were great! As was the accommodations for the enthusiastic audience.

Rachael Winter. P to Year 6. Growrie State School. Growrie Junction. QLD. 3/03/2017.


Price:$6.60 per student ($6.00 + $0.60 GST).

Suitable: Preps, K to Year 7.

Minimum Audience Size: 130 students.

Times: Show: 50 minutes. Set up: 50 minutes. Pack up: 50 minutes.

Requires an indoor performing area 4m deep x 5m wide.

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