Pick A Peck Of Pickled Poems

Curriculum Relevance:

English: Literary Texts, Imaginative Texts, Language Structure. Verse, Rhyming Poems, Nonsense Poems.

Poetry brought to life with vivid images, props, puppets, colourful costumes and audience participation.

Pick A Peck Of Pickled Poems

In Pick a Peck of Pickled Poems the poetry is not just read or recited, it is acted out and brought to life with a variety of character voices, costumes, puppets and props. The seven poems from the late 1800’s are just as funny today as they were when they were first written. Spanning across 130 years these carefully selected poems cover a range of genres, topics and perspectives. With just over twenty poems, an audience participation section, a song and the hilarious humanette puppet finale, this show really moves along.

Large origami dinosaurs do battle over lunch. One lucky student even gets to keep the origami apatosaurus folded into shape before their very eyes. Have you ever seen a five metre long cow, had Santa Claus stuck on your roof or swallowed a whole horse? The emphasis is on fun, though there are a couple of poems designed to get students thinking.

After about forty minutes of poetry it’s time for a break from rhyme and meter so the show ends with a story that is more like a comedy routine. Little Junior is off to school for the first time. He thinks his mother is over protective and his father is expecting far too much from him. How is he supposed to know what he wants to be when he grows up? Watching him go through the possible professions is hilarious.

Pick A Peck Of Pickled Poems

What schools have said:

Fantastic show to get students intersted and excited about poetry. Hugh was fantastic and totally made the show brilliant. The students were all very excited during the show with lots of laughter by all

Teacy King. P to Year 9. Cecil Plains State School. Cecil Plains. QLD. 4/08/2017.

Students and teachers enjoyed the performance, highly entertaining and engaging fo all ages. Topic complimented C2C unit work for junior school

Ms L Stam. P to Yearr 6. Mourilyan State School. Mourilyan. QLD. 7/06/2017.

Thoroughly enjoyable performance. Very entertaining. Non stop laughter. Excellent. Great energy. Good understanding of children and their needs and interests. Good organisation

Sarah Dennis. K to Year 2. North Haven Public School. North Haven. NSW. 28/06/2017.

Price: $4.40 per student ($4.00 + $0.40 GST).

Suitable: Preps, K to Year 7.

Minimum Audience Size: 130 students.

Times: Show: 50 minutes. Set up: 30 minutes. Pack up: 30 minutes.

Requires an indoor performing area 4m deep x 5m wide.

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