Curriculum Relevance:

HSIE, PDHPE – Rights, responsibilities, problem solving, creative thinking and decision making, identity, personal development and acceptance of diversity.

SCIENCE - Environment, interdependence, sustainability, natural resources.

Note: This video is footage of the performers' other show

A thrilling action/adventure in which two space explorers have to solve the environmental dilemma they create.


The year is 2099 and Professor Sarr is on a spaceship bound for Alpha Centauri but there is a problem, a stowaway. A stowaway called Far. The problem gets a lot worse when getting out of her hiding place, Far accidentally damages communications and uses up fuel needed for the return voyage.

Far’s presence has all sorts of unforeseen consequences. Two people are now forced to live in a spacecraft built for one. They must conserve, reduce and recycle and there’s another problem. The two clash over just about everything. It’s only by improving their communication skills and learning to not just tolerate but respect each other that they learn to like each other.

Finally after a dangerous journey through solar flares, meteorites and hair-raising space-walks, they reach their destination. It’s a lush planet covered with ferns, glittering crystals and populated by tiny unicorns that feed on the ferns and sharpen their horns on the crystals.

Needing food and fuel, Far plants seeds from Earth while the Professor discovers that the crystals can be processed into fuel. However it’s not long before they realize their activities are having devastating consequences on the planet and its inhabitants. With their food and fuel supplies replenished and communications restored, they contact Earth (the audience) for advice as to what they can do to repair the damage they’ve done.

Mark Penzak combines exquisite costume, set, model spaceship, planets, puppets and audience involvement with his unique style of visual theatre to bring this modern tale of high adventure to life.

What schools have said about Mark’s previous performances:

The performance was very engaging. Students loved being able to participate in the show - very entertaining. The props, music and lighting added to the excitement of the show. The show had a lovely message for students about using your imagination and books being a movie in your mind.

Rebecca Hilly. K to Year 6. Franklin Public School. Tumut. NSW. 29/07/2016.

Very funny and engaging. An excellent combination of humour and educational content that captures the imagination of children of all ages. Combines well known stories (Peter Pan, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and The Sword in the Stone) with audience interaction.

Emma Kissell. K to Year 6. Culcairn Public School. Culcairn. NSW. 26/07/2016.

Excellent. Mark was fantastic - our students loved his show.

Steve Garriock. K to Year 8. Tottenham Central School. Tottenham. NSW. 7/08/2015.

Price:$4.95 per student ($4.50 + $0.45 GST).

Suitable: Preps, K to Year 7.

Minimum Audience Size: 130 students.

Times: Show: 50 minutes. Set up: 50 minutes. Pack up: 50 minutes.

Requires an indoor performing area 3m deep x 3m wide. If available a darker space is best.

Mark William Penzak. ABN: 31 125 574 485.

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