2018 Primary School Tour Schedule

Far North Queensland

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Term 1

Look How We've Changed How Science & Technology continuously changes the way we live 20 Feb to 2 Mar
STAMP Out Bullying Anti-bullying & peer support 20 Feb to 2 Mar
Moz's Monster Music Mix 1600's to now, Baroque, Classical, Jazz, Blues – Rock, Hip Hop 5 Mar to 14 Mar

Term 2

Let's Chat Habitat Raising student's awareness of their environment 11 Jun to 20 Jun
Let's STAMP Out Bullying Easy to remember strategies to deal with bullies 11 Jun to 20 Jun
Circular Circus A mathematical concept circus 18 Jun to 29 Jun
Heidi Hodeo's Circus Rodeo The most imaginative, funniest, Cowgirl Show in town 18 Jun to 29 Jun

Term 3

A Slice Of Vaudeville Magic, Ventriloquism & the importance of friendship 22 Aug to 29 Aug
Heave Ho Off We Go Stimulate the mind with these amazing illusions 22 Aug to 29 Aug
Aussie Allsorts Exploring the different cultures and ethnic diversity of Australia 5 Sep to 19 Sep
Scien-tastic A fun filled show with scientific outcomes 5 Sep to 19 Sep

Term 4

My Friends and I Offers clear strategies to avoid bullying 7 Nov to 16 Nov
Then and Now First Fleet to early 1900's - women in Australian history 7 Nov to 16 Nov
Pass the Poetry Please Poetry - Past & Present, Dynamic & Visual 7 Nov to 16 Nov
Música y Risa A frolicking journey through the history of European music 19 Nov to 28 Nov
One Stop Rock Shop Disco/Jazz/Punk/Reggae & audience participation 19 Nov to 28 Nov
Rock-It! Hip Hop/Country/Blues & audience involvement 19 Nov to 28 Nov