South Australia 2018 Primary School Tour Schedule

Western Area

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Term 1

Get To Know Asia A vividly colourful, very hands on, Asian experience 5 Mar to 7 Mar
Making Friends Strategies to deal with bullies and make new friends 5 Mar to 7 Mar

Term 2

Brilliant at Being Resilient Be proud of who you are, there is no one else like you 6 Jun to 13 Jun
From Halfway Around The World Compares the life of children from different countries 6 Jun to 13 Jun
Pick a Peck of Pickled Poems Poetry without the boring bits 6 Jun to 13 Jun

Term 3

Moz's Monster Music Mix Music from the 1600's to Hip Hop 13 Aug to 29 Aug

Term 4

A Slice Of Vaudeville Magic, Ventriloquism & the importance of friendship 12 Nov to 21 Nov
Heave Ho Off We Go Stimulate the mind with these amazing illusions 12 Nov to 21 Nov