A Swag Of Tales

Curriculum Relevance:

Science and Technology: demonstrating:- The use of science to finding solutions - The important and relevance of science & technology in our lives.

History: The effects of changing technology on our lives over time and the people and events that brought these changes about.

Showing how science and technology is continuously changing the way we live.

With this large collection of authentic items from the homes, factories and businesses of the past 150 years, students are able to get a genuine understanding of what preceded many items that they take for granted today.  The audience is transported back to a time when televisions, cameras, music players, watches, torches, compasses and phones were separate items and not one device that we call our mobile.

Today with everything pre-packaged, apart from a few fruits and vegetables, it’s hard for students to imagine a time when almost all foods were weighed by the shop assistant as the customer waited.  The importance of the scales at the general store is shown along with how this vital piece of equipment changed into the electronic scales used today.  These same advances are shown and discussed with cameras and sound equipment in a fun and informative way.  Using newspaper and magazine advertisements from the early 1900’s to current day students see how much advertising has evolved and how sophisticated and targeted it is today.

With loads of tools, utensils, clothing, toys and all manner of paraphernalia reaching back to the 1800’s this show is a visual feast.  Students see how with changes and advances almost everything has been made easier to do, more affordable and our expectations of daily life continue to rise.

Look How We’ve Changed is so much more than a ‘show and tell’ or ‘antiques roadshow’.  It is a funny, lively theatre experience designed to show students the scientific steps taken to get us where we are today and to get your students imagining what lies ahead for them.

What other schools have said:

A brilliant use of humour & props kept the students engaged and entertained! The content covered was extremely relevant to our inquiry topic and even current maths lessons. It was easy to make links between the show and curriculum eg. Scales to measure weight of items. Andy was enthusiastic and fun, whilst remaining professional. He was well rehearsed and engaged audience.

Blake Freeman. Year 2. Lara Lake Primary School. Lara Lake. VIC. 13/06/2018.

All the students enjoyed the performance. They found it entertaining and really enjoyed learning about past technologies that they hadn’t seen before.

Paul Wells. P-6. Merinda State School. QLD. Feb 2018.

Great performance, excellent use of props. Catering to all primary school year levels.

Shannan Chappel. P-6. St Clare’s School. Tully. QLD. Feb 2018.

Price:$5.50 per student ($5.50 + $0.50 GST).

Suitable: Preps, K to Year 7.

Minimum Audience Size: 130 students.

Times: Show: 50 to 55 minutes. Set up: 40 minutes. Pack up: 30 minutes.

Requires an indoor performing area 4m deep x 5m wide.

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