Utter Nonsense

Curriculum Relevance:

English: Imaginative Texts; Literary Texts; Language Structures & Features; Reading, Viewing and Interpreting Texts; Dramatisation.

Drama: Appreciating; Storytelling; Symbols.

Something for everyone. A really imaginative treat. Four stars.
The Scotsman - Edinburgh Fringe Review.

Utter Nonsense
Utter Nonsense

Utter Nonsense is seriously silly fun, featuring puppets, storytelling, pop-up illustrations, special effects and a magic wheelbarrow.

Join Mark Penzak as he tells the story of Uncle Henry, a mad scientist who wants more than anything to become rich and famous; so much so, he invents a machine to give him instant fame and fortune - but it goes dreadfully wrong and sucks out his sense of humour!

Desperate to recover it, Uncle Henry launches his magic wheelbarrow on the Ocean of Dreams where he meets Horace and Dougie. Horace is a handsome slug who sacrifices everything to become a Hollywood star and Dougie is the world’s richest duck, who rescues the duck princess from the abominable snowman.

Finally Uncle Henry must undergo the most challenging journey of them all - into his own brain! There he discovers the secret to having a sense of humour, lies not in fame and fortune but in the company of friends and family.

This is children’s theatre at its best. It’s modern, with a quirky edge as well as those wonderful old fashion theatricalities; props, puppets, lighting and changing scenery.

What schools have said:

Very engaging. Sensational. Very engaging & entertaining. Great to work with.

Phill Murtagh. K/Preps to Year 6. Albert State School. Maryborough. QLD. 15/06/2016.

Mark was engaging from the start. A real performer! The show moved along at a fast pace with lots of props to keep our students entertained. Involving audience participation came at the right time and Mark had a good rapport with all the children. A fantastic show and well worth the effort.

Llynda Konjevic. Prep to Yr 6. Yarragon. VIC. 19/5/2015.

What a laugh! Appealed to all age groups, including the adults. His timing was impeccable. Enthralled the children; kept them engaged all through from Prep to Yr 6. Excellent.

Carol Gray. Prep to Yr 6. Lang Lang Primary School. Lang Lang. VIC. 15/08/2014.

An entertaining show making great stories from simple props. Great for kids to experience live theatre in their own school. Mark was very professional, funny and worked with the audience well. Kids loved the question time and always love the behind scenes information.

Denise Milliard. Prep to Yr 6. Allansford & Dist. Primary School. Allansford. VIC. 12/08/2014.

Price: $4.95 per student ($4.50 + $0.45 GST).

Suitable: Preps, K to Year 7.

Minimum Audience Size: 130 students.

Times: Show: 50 minutes. Set up: 50 minutes. Pack up: 50 minutes.

Requires an indoor performing area 3m deep x 3m wide.

If available a darker space is best.

Mark Penzak ABN: 31 125 574 485.

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