Escape From Worryville

Curriculum Relevance:

PD, HPE, ELA: Ethical Understanding, Critical and Creative Thinking, Intercultural Understanding, Interdisciplinary, Interpersonal Development, Communication, Futures, Identity, Interdependence.

Escape From Worryville

Created through a series of workshops and close consultation with students from three High Schools, Escape From Worryville is a show developed by teenagers for teenagers!

Comedy and tragedy combine in this uplifting feel-good story of hope and empowerment exploring issues of anxiety, depression, worry, sadness and belonging.

Two young teenagers Hohuna and Thomas, from radically different backgrounds meet outside the Principal’s office, both about to be suspended for different reasons.

Hohuna is an outgoing, happy go lucky opportunist who couldn’t resist the boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts he found in the teacher’s staff room. His love of doughnuts lands him with lunch time rubbish duty.

Thomas is the total opposite to Hohuna. He is withdrawn, with problems and secrets he hasn’t shared with anyone. As the two share their detention, Hohuna gets Thomas to open up and a friendship begins. With his mother seriously ill and father not coping with his wife’s illness, Thomas is constantly arguing with his Dad, fighting with his classmates and he has recently started self-harming.

Over a chaotic weekend this unlikely pair forms a strong and positive bond that sees Thomas take the right steps towards turning his life around.

This positive uplifting story, shows how life can be turned around for someone dealing with difficult issues, when another extends the hand of friendship.

Made in association with Headspace, Family Life, The Royal Children's Hospital Festival for healthy Living staff - Intergrated Mental Health Unit, school wellbeing staff, three schools and over 75 teenagers.

In 2010 Full-On Theatre artists, Dave Houston, Andy Jans-Brown and Aurora Kurth, worked in partnership with three secondary colleges, health professionals, teachers, well-being coordinators, School Focused Youth Services (SFYS), Family Life, the Royal Children’s Hospital, Zeal Theatre and over 75 teenagers to create the show. This performance is dedicated to the wonderful students of Parkdale Secondary College, Westall Secondary College and Sandringham College who formed creative teams to explore and develop the themes, characters and storyline of Escape From Worryville. The creative teams of students did three days of workshops focusing on acting, theatre making and were very brave and open in their exploration of the difficult themes of anxiety and depression. Special thanks to Asif, who named the show.

Escape From Worryville

Price: $6.00 per student (No GST applies

Suitable: Years 7 to 10.

Minimum Audience Size: 150 students.

Times: 50 minutes plus Q & A. Set up: 60 minutes. Pack up: 40 minutes.

Requires an indoor performing area 5m deep x 5m wide.

Full-On Theatre ABN: 65 244 373 245.

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