Six Decades Of Bullying

note: This video is footage of the previous performers

Six Decades of Bullying is four true stories about bullying

that involved four different forms of communications.

The first story is about two teenage boys, the second is of a group of teenage girls, there's a story of a secretly filmed video that goes viral and the author's own experience of being bullied at a central Queensland high school in 1968.

- Texting

- Social Networking

- Face To Face

- Youtube

Students see that while the means by which bullies taunt their victims with cyber-bullying today are different from the stand and abuse, and physical assaults of the late 1960's, the effect on the victims is much the same.

This is a combination of storytelling and drama as each story is partly told and partly acted out with each actor playing a multitude of different characters in each story.

With no school counsellor and with completely different attitudes towards the culture of bullying, today's students are surprised to see how events that would today end up as headline news were just ignored by those in charge forty years ago.

The topic of law and punishment in regard to the perpetrators of bullying, both in Australia and overseas is also covered in some depth.

Far from being a heavy drama Six Decades of Bullying has an easy to follow often comic touch, that entertains without detracting from the seriousness of the topic. Four stories, Four different outcomes; tragic, but also how negatives have been turned into positives and the powerless have become the leaders and enjoyed success across all aspects of their life.

This is a combination of lively conversation between two observers and scenes in which the real life events from the four stories are vividly re-enacted.

What schools have said about Six Decades of Bullying:

A highly entertaining well-paced show which used comedy to run the theme of bullying. Students were highly engaged and were affected in different ways by the content. Everyone, including teachers took something away from it. Thought provoking and meaningful. I would recommend this show to all secondary students across Australia. I hope that it is a catalyst for change in some students. The performers were awesome! Great pace and delivery was clear. Character switches and accents were very good.

Sam Rainbird. Years 7 to 10. Campbell Town District High School. Campbell Town TAS. 7/09/2017.

An excellent show – highly relevant to our community. The real life plot lines enabled our students to gain many useful insights into cyber bullying issues. I would highly recommend this show to any other school. The performers were very talented and versatile. Their portrayal of such a huge variety of characters was impressive. Very high quality.

Ian Cook – Head Teacher Welfare. Years 6 to 9. Woolgoolga High School. Woolgoolga. NSW. 4/4/2017.

The Students talked about this performance during the day which showed they were interested and it had been thought provoking. It was very relevant to today’s youth. Great to use real life examples.

Lindy Widauer. Years 7 to 11. Wee Waa High School. Wee Waa. NSW 28/02/2017.

A most informative presentation that raised the deeper issues relating to bullying from a seemingly inoffensive small gesture to one that escalated to tragic results for the victim, their family and friends. Transitioning between the different examples sustained the students’ interest and provided a deep insight into bullying at the cyber level and its devastating impact.

Julie Banister. Year 12. St Patrick’s College. Sutherland. NSW. 23/2/2017.

Price: $6.60 per student ($6.00 + $0.60 GST).

Suitable:Years 7 to 12

Minimum Audience Size: 130 students.

Times: Show: 50 to 55 minutes, Set up: 40 minutes, Pack up: 30 minutes.

Requires an indoor performing area 4m deep x 5m wide.

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