You Can Do It Too

Four times winner of the NSW Dept of Education & Training
Frater Award for Excellence.

In You Can Do It Too, Llynda plays a character called Madeline, a working mum, who enjoys her cleaning job but whose real passion and hobby is juggling. The audience enters to find Madeline at home, surrounded by bright furniture and wearing colourful clothing. Using juggling as a metaphor for learning, Madeline discovers that mistakes are OK, that is how we learn and with encouragement from the audience she decides to audition for a job in a circus.

Llynda brings amazing juggling and balancing skills to this performance, including the balancing of a golf club on a ball on another golf club balanced on her head. The number and array of objects juggled by Llynda is astounding. The usual balls, batons and plates are accompanied by feather dusters, tennis rackets, cartons and eggs and are thrown up, down, sideways and around and of course are always caught.

This inspiring program supports the PD/Health/PE School Curriculum in the areas of self esteem, self confidence, self discipline, self determination and encourages the development of motor skills.

What schools have said:

Very entertaining. Students enjoyed it. A range of different messages including persistence, resilience, organisation presented as well as juggling skills that students are now practising. Student involvement worked to engage everyone.

Jeanette Emery. Years 7 to 10. Kingston Community School. Kingston. SA. 17/03/2017.

We loved her juggling and balancing, she was very talented yet humble, the spoons in the cup trick was awesome. The hoops were great. Spinning ball on one finger. Juggling with nine balls trick. She was interactive - she drew people from the crow. And had them perform, her message about failing and then keeping on trying was excellent.

Merry Dickins. Year 7. Glenburnie Primary School. Glenburnie. SA. 16/03/2017.

Engaging and interactive, good sequencing. Variety of objects used and narrative easily understood. Assisted students to believe they could achieve anything with hard work and practice.

Veronica Hartnett. Year 7. Mintabie Area School. Mintabie. SA. 19/08/2016.

Price: $5.50 per student ($5.00 + $0.50 GST).

Suitable: Year 7 to Year 10.

Minimum Audience Size: 130 students.

Times: Show: 50 minutes. Set up: 45 minutes. Pack up: 40 minutes.

Requires an indoor performing area 4m deep x 5m wide.

Lady Juggler ABN: 62 530 988 632

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