2019 North Of Adelaide Book Week

It's A Mad World

Per Westman presents two very different characters. Firstly the stagehand - a simple man, shy and out of place, who is forced onto the stage where he confronts his nerves and nerdiness to triumph over all his fears. Secondly the star - cool, calm and confident, ‘the consummate professional’, he craves the adoration of the audience and knows exactly how to get it!

We have about 120 students at our school with varying disabilities. The students range from 5 years to 18 years. We received excellent feedback from the students and the staff also enjoyed the performance.

Teacher. K to Yr 12. Mitchelton Special School. Mitchelton. QLD. 13/03/2015.

Price: $5.00 per student (No GST Applies).

Minimum audience size: 130 students

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A Swag Of Tales

A Swag Of Tales leads the children through a zany yet informative history lesson that starts in England with a convict court case and covers the voyage to Australia, early Settlement, the Gold Rush, Bushrangers, Squatters and the age of the Swagman.

A highly engaging and entertaining show which fitted in with the National Curriculum ‘history strand’ perfectly for a number of year levels. Students loved the humour, use of props and audience participation. Lots of laughter during the show and lots to talk about after the show both at school and at home. Our students thoroughly enjoyed the show- Thank You!

Stephanie Smith. K to Yr 5. Xavier Catholic College. Eli Waters. QLD. 10/3/2015.

Price: $5.50 per student ($5.00 + $0.50 GST).

Minimum audience size: 130 students

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Dreaming Of A Time Gone By

In keeping with the Book Week theme for 2019, Dreaming Of A Time Gone By challenges students to dream of what it would be like to live in Australia hundreds of years ago.

Very academically relevant - the students learned a lot in a very entertaining way! All students enjoyed the show and left with big smiles on their faces.

Pagen Williams. K-6. Horsham Primary School. VIC. June 2018.

Price: $5.50 per student (GST Incl.).

Minimum audience size: 130 students

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Look How We've Changed

With this large collection of authentic items from the homes, factories and businesses of the past 150 years, students are able to get a genuine understanding of what preceded many items that they take for granted today. The audience is transported back to a time when televisions, cameras, music players, watches, torches, compasses and phones were separate items and not one device that we call our mobile.

Very engaging, wonderful audience participation. The children were thoroughly entertained throughout the performance. Andy was very easy to hear and understand. The students were enthralled with the various characters portrayed.

Janine Foster. K to Year 7. Coleambally Central School. Coleambally. NSW. 16/08/2016.

Price: $5.50 per student ($5.00 + $0.50 GST).

Minimum audience size: 130 students

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STAMP Out Bullying

Using comedy, magic and puppets, STAMP Out Bullying has the audience in fits of laughter and hanging on every word as the five important STAMP principles are illustrated.

Very educational yet grabbed the students’ attention from the get go. All students K-6 were engaged for the entire show. Funny yet clearly established the ‘STAMP’ message. Students were able to develop strategies and how to implement them with confidence so they can become Bully-poof. A vibrant outstanding performer.

Donna Barton. K to Year 6. Yass Public School. Yass. NSW. 5/11/2015.

Price: $4.95 per student ($4.50 + $0.45 GST).

Minimum audience size: 130 students

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