2019 Roxby Downs, Woomera, Coober Pedy Area Book Week

It's A Mad World

Per Westman presents two very different characters. Firstly the stagehand - a simple man, shy and out of place, who is forced onto the stage where he confronts his nerves and nerdiness to triumph over all his fears. Secondly the star - cool, calm and confident, ‘the consummate professional’, he craves the adoration of the audience and knows exactly how to get it!

We have about 120 students at our school with varying disabilities. The students range from 5 years to 18 years. We received excellent feedback from the students and the staff also enjoyed the performance.

Teacher. K to Yr 12. Mitchelton Special School. Mitchelton. QLD. 13/03/2015.

Price: $5.00 per student (No GST Applies).

Minimum audience size: 130 students

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