2019 Western NSW Book Week

Musica y Risa

Aussie Kids Rock has entertained kids throughout Australia with their blend of interactive music and comedy since 2003. In Musica y Risa, the loveable guitarist and bass player C.J joins the hilarious drummer Deano on a memorable trip through the music of Europe. Focusing on Germany, France, Spain, Scotland and England, Musica y Risa not only explores music and basic language like greetings and phrases but also introduces students to lesser known instruments such as Castanets, Flamenco Guitar, Squeeze box and many more!

The performers’ energy and organisation was exceptional. There was a very clear curriculum outcome with recognising the styles of music. Very engaging! Both characters were fantastic. Great energy! Wicked Costumes!

Maddie Hunter. K to Year 7. Memorial Oval Primary School. Whyalla. SA. 1/12/2016.

Price: $6.60 per student ($6.00 + $0.60 GST).

Minimum audience size: 130 students

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One Stop Rock Shop

In One Stop Rock Shop, Aussie Kids Rock do so much more than just play their music. They individually demonstrate how they are playing their instrument, so it can produce the right sound needed to create each of the very different music styles. When the band members are playing, dressed and speaking in the style, they show how for the real devotees of each musical genre, the music is more than just music, it’s a whole way of life.

Excellent! They engaged the students straight away. Full of energy and funny, had the children laughing at all times. The children really enjoyed being involved and being able to get up and dance.

Melinda Gianni. K to Year 6. St Colman’s School. Home Hill. QLD. 9/03/2016.

Price: $6.60 per student ($6.00 + $0.60 GST).

Minimum audience size: 130 students

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Rock It!

On guitar CJ is upbeat and funky but when he plays bass he is Mr Cool. On drums is the sensational, ever comical Deano and together these two take their audience on a journey through a myriad of musical styles. This compelling performance is a fun filled and fully interactive curriculum based show, designed to inspire children in their love of music.

Great performance. Student involvement and directions were excellent. Good audience participation. We liked the way the performers taught the children about the variety of music styles in a fun and interesting way. The performers were very friendly and had a good rapport with the children.

Carol Bateup. K to Year 6. Telarah Public School. Telarah. NSW. 31/03/2015.

Price: $6.60 per student ($6.00 + $0.60 GST).

Minimum audience size: 130 students

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It's A Mad World

Per Westman presents two very different characters. Firstly the stagehand - a simple man, shy and out of place, who is forced onto the stage where he confronts his nerves and nerdiness to triumph over all his fears. Secondly the star - cool, calm and confident, ‘the consummate professional’, he craves the adoration of the audience and knows exactly how to get it!

We have about 120 students at our school with varying disabilities. The students range from 5 years to 18 years. We received excellent feedback from the students and the staff also enjoyed the performance.

Teacher. K to Yr 12. Mitchelton Special School. Mitchelton. QLD. 13/03/2015.

Price: $5.00 per student (No GST Applies).

Minimum audience size: 130 students

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The Mathy Matt Show

A little history, lots of skills, and a great mix of live and pre-recorded music all add up to make The Mathy Matt Show a whole bunch of educational and entertaining fun!

What a wonderfully professional, organised and entertaining show! Fantastic explanations and great audience participation. Excellent communication.

Kathryn Curry. P to Year 6. Cohuna Consolidation School. Cohuna. VIC. 25/03/2015.

Price: $5.50 per student ($5.00 + $0.50 GST).

Minimum audience size: 130 students

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