Queensland 2019 Pre-School Tour Schedule

Sunshine Coast

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Term 1

Ghana Have Some Fun Various dates in Feb & Mar
STAMP Out Bullying Various dates in Feb & Mar
Moz's Mini Monster Music Various dates in Mar

Term 2

It's A Mad World Various dates in Jun
My First Circus 10 Jun to 12 Jun
Bongo's Quest for the Ultimate Rhythm 11 Jun to 13 Jun
Playing With Poems 17 Jun to 20 Jun

Term 3

Tum Tum Tinker Various dates in Sept
Street Sense Various dates in July & Sept
Shake 29 Jul to 31 Jul
Rhyme Time 29 Jul to 1 Aug
Meet My Friends 29 Jul to 1 Aug
Mezmo 2 Aug to 5 Aug
Heidi Hoops Kindy Circus 5 Aug to 9 Aug

Term 4

Out Of The Box 21 Nov to 26 Nov