2019 Primary School Tour Schedule

North Queensland Area

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Term 1

Crossing Bridges Stories about journey from around the world Various dates in Feb & March
Let The Music Move You Lullabies to Rock, A Capella to Pop & Lots of Participation Various dates in Feb & March

Term 2

Brilliant at Being Resilient Be proud of who you are, there is no one else like you Various dates in May
G'Day Asia An interactive, mini spectacular Asian experience Various dates in May
Pick a Peck of Pickled Poems Poetry without the boring bits Various dates in May

Term 3

Circus of Life Using your resilience when things go wrong Various dates in Aug & Sept
Street Sense Important Road Safety messages with astounding circus skills Various dates in Aug & Sept
You Can Do It Too Amazing juggling feats with a positive 'have a go' message Various dates in Aug & Sept

Term 4

3 Experiments That Changed The World Fun, hands-on exploration into science Dates in Oct & Nov
Great Galaxies Bring the Solar System into your school Dates in Oct & Nov
Out Of The Bag Fractured fairy tales - Puppets - The importance of friends Dates in Oct & Nov