2019 Secondary School Tour Schedule

Eastern Victoria

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Various Terms

Escape From Worryville Explores themes of anxiety, depression & friendship Various dates in terms 2 & 4

Term 1

Circus of Life Using your resilience when things go wrong 18 Mar to 20 Mar
You Can Do It Too Amazing juggling feats with a positive 'have a go' message 18 Mar to 20 Mar

Term 2

Banjo & Lawson Their life and poetry 27 May to 29 May
3 Experiments That Changed The World Fun, hands-on exploration into science 3 Jun to 6 Jun

Term 3

Shekere Experience the rhythms and stories of Africa 31 Jul to 2 Aug
Six Decades Of Bullying Four true stories about bullying 22 Aug to 28 Aug
It's a Mad World Meet Mr Sure & Mr Shy - Amazing Juggling, Balancing, Comedy 18 Sep to 20 Sep