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A Children‘s Author with an Electric Guitar and one heck of a Voice, Andy Jones has been Entertaining and Educating students for over 20 years.

Whether he is delivering one of his own witty Poems or Raps, or he is inspiring students to create their own Rhyming Raps and to sing them back to him, Andy is a combination of energy and comedy who keeps his preps to year 6 audiences totally engaged from beginning to end of his shows. And there are a number of shows to choose from -

  • Rap Rhyme & Rocking Poetry
  • +With an electric drum kit and a white board, Andy will have students Belly Dancing, Bollywood style. Back in The land of Oz students will do the Goanna Crawl and Ooh Roo that's a Kangaroo. Students not only help Andy write some cool rap rhymes but perform them as well. It's all designed to encourage students to write and enjoy the process.

  • What's The Joke
  • The entire audience gets to create an original 24 line rap song and perform it. To get the process started Andy offers your students the choice of two opening lines after that it all comes from the students. Next Andy will choose one student to be incharge of the white board and to another student he gives a microphone, talks about how to create a character and with the aid of a few simple costume pieces and by feeding the voice through a FX Processer the effect is amazingly hilarious. Throughout the process Andy show . Of course it just wouldn't be an Andy Jones show without music, loads of laughs and heaps of fun.

  • Ring Of Fire
  • A Percussive Music and Movement - Tribal Experience. This totally engaging workshop enables students to experience the sheer joy and exhilaration of creating primal music as a tribe. From a simple beat, Andy will guide your students through the process of layering up the group's sound by adding Rhythmic Chants - Body Percussion - Vocalized Sounds and Words to produce their own, truely original Trible Sound. - NB. NO ACTUAL FIRE or FIRE PRODUCING EQUIPMENT is used in this workshop.

  • Quizz-itch
  • This is an upbeat, everyone involved, laugh a minute quiz show in which the questions are about, all things 'Potter'. This definately works best when students are dressed in the theme and have read the books. It's 100% Fun, 100% Facts and 110% Potter.

As a singer/songwritter Andy with his band The Funky Monkeys has recorded with ABC Music, EMI, Festival Records and PolyGram. As an Author he has been published by HarperCollins Publishers and ABC Books.

In a career spanning across many years Andy has continuiously written, recorded, published and performed his work to the audience its intended for. In every state capital in Australia and from huge crowds celebrating New Year's Eve on the shore of Sydney Harbour to libraries in far north Queensland, Andy has the appropriate energy to get any audience totally engaged.

Andy has written books for 6 year olds to young teenagers including 'The Adventures of Scooterboy and Skatergirl', 'The Awesome Book of Rap, Rhyme and Putrid Poetry' and his 'Hot Jokes for Cool Kids' series of books alone has sold over one and a half million copies world wide.

Curriculum Relevance: Literacy.

What schools have said:

One of the best I've seen yet. Very popular due to the involvement of the students (teachers involed too!).

Annette Barker. South Dubbo Public School. Dubbo NSW.

Children and teachers enjoyed a very entertaining session with Andy. Great Value!

MR. Wallace. Bodalla Public School. NSW.

Price: $5.50 per student (No GST applies).

Suitable: Preps, K to Year 8.

Minimum Audience Size: 130 students.

Times: Show: 50 minutes. Set up: 30 minutes. Pack up: 15 minutes.

Requires: Preferably an indoor performing area 4m deep x 5m wide.