Book Show

Curriculum Relevance:
Mathematics Stage 1-3, English and Drama, PDHPE:
Focuses on working mathematically across all areas of the syllabus. Problem Solving. Performing Arts, Circus and Storytelling. Being healthy, safe and resilient to overcoming problems.

A mathematical concept circus.

Roll Up! and have all the fun of the fair as you learn how mathematical concepts can help solve everyday problems. Ring Mistress Heidi Hoops will amaze you with her circus tricks of all proportions & dimensions. Ropes transform into spinning circles & with a crack of the whip the sound barrier is broken. All manner of objects are kept aloft in different juggling patterns and a staggering array of geometric shapes are created with those great circus circles, hula hoops.

But, Oh no! What’s this? Circular Circus Central has changed their criteria for the Greatest Show On Earth.

Heidi Hoops needs to think smartly, act quickly and “do the maths” to find solutions to address the problems or her show will be just another Circus. She needs help.

Students will need to observe patterns, gather data and employ their skills of counting, fractions, arithmetic, measurement, space, geometry and probability if Heidi’s Circus is to maintain it’s status as the greatest Circular Circus. Most importantly, she will need the critical, creative thinking of the older students to help her solve her biggest problem and complete the show’s incredible finale, the spectacular Geometric Set.

With audience participation, comedy, rope tricks, illusions, juggling, whip cracking and lasso spinning, everyone gets involved exploring the maths behind the excitement.

What other schools have said:

Very entertaining. Students highly engaged. Covered many mathematical concepts.

Emily Edwards. K-6. Karoonda Area School. SA. Mar 2019.

The students were engaged & interested throughout the performance.

Jillian Hudson. K-6. James Town Community School. SA. Mar 2019.

Price: $6.00 per student (GST Incl.).

Suitable: Preps, K to Year 7.

Minimum Audience Size: 130 students.

Times: Show: 50 minutes. Set up: 45 minutes. Pack up: 45 minutes.

Requires: an indoor performing area 6m deep x 8m wide x 3m high.

Heidi Kim Hillier ABN: 18 031 835 924.