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Curriculum Relevance:
Mime, Circus, PDHPE

Mime-O-Rama is a world class theatrical experience designed to broaden the mind and show that language is only one form of communication.

While Dennis Clare often speaks throughout the show, his loveable characters are mainly mute and their world is a world of imagination where the unexpected is the norm. This is a world in which giant, but incredibly mobile slinkies are inhabited by silent, yet sociable characters. The intentions, wants and moods of these gregarious creations are totally understood by the audience and thus their intriguing stories are told. Single eyes, some huge, others small appear and make their opinions known with nothing more than a tilt, sudden move or a long, still stare.

Other characters possess adorable traits like, slinky arms or giant arms with a two metre reach. There is a hat whose best friend is a ring and both appear to have a mind of their own. Add to this world some miming classics like the agile walking stick, masks, incredible balancing and juggling and you have the totally entertaining fifty minutes that is Mime-O-Rama.

This welcoming world of mime allows students to interpret the language for themselves; to open up their imagination and realize there is so much more to communicating then just the language we speak.

Your students will be talking about Mime-O-Rama long after the show has finished.

What other schools have said:

Dennis Clare is a world class mime artist who has performed for P&O and Princess Cruises / Hanan TV China / Sydney Comedy Festival / Melbourne International Comedy Festival / Laugh Garage Melbourne / Australia's Got Talent / Country Arts WA / Q theatre / Art Gallery of NSW / Fox Studios Comedy Club. He has performed in commercials for ING Bank / R&I BANK / Dulux / EDL Fasteners and has delighted audiences in countless theatre venues around Australia and the world.

Price: $5.50 per student (GST incl.).

Suitable: Year 7 to Year 12.

Minimum Audience Size: 130 students.

Times: Show: 50 minutes. Set up: 20 minutes. Pack up: 10 minutes.

Requires: an indoor performing area 6m deep x 5m wide.