Family Concession Policy

We offer our Family Concession rate to schools on a case by case basis. A school cannot offer a family concession to their students without the written permission of School Performance Tours. If the concession is granted, it will appear on the school’s Booking Confirmation Letter and Invoice.

Not all the groups that we represent or productions we sell, offer a family concession rate.

For a family concession to be granted a school must:-

(a) Guarantee that the total number of students attending, paying full price and the family concession, will exceed the minimum payment as required for each performance.

(b) Agree to provide a breakdown of their payment showing the number of full price paying students and the number of family concessions.

What is our family concession rate?

 It is two ticket prices + $1.10

For example. A family of six chrildren or five, four or three children attending our production of:-

“Australia Changing Over Time” The cost for that family would be ($6.60 x 2) + $1.10 = $14.30


“Pick A Peck Of Pickled Poems” The cost for that family would be ($4.40 x 2) + $1.10 = $9.90