2019 Pre-School Tour Schedule

North West NSW

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Term 1

Ghana Have Some Fun Musical, Cultural and Physical look at Ghana 14 Mar to 15 Mar
STAMP Out Bullying Easy to remember strategies to deal with bullies 27 Mar to 29 Mar
Moz's Mini Monster Music Clap, sing, dance along with Moz's variety of instruments & music 3 Apr to 5 Apr

Term 2

It's A Mad World Meet Mr Sure & Mr Shy - Amazing Juggling, Balancing, Comedy 3 Jun to 5 Jun
My First Circus Juggling, Clowning, Ventriloquism, Illusions & Laughs 19 Jun to 20 Jun
Bongo's Quest for the Ultimate Rhythm Join Bongo in his multicultural comic musical journey around the world 27 Jun to 28 Jun

Term 3

Mezmo European style clowning & magic 8 Aug to 9 Aug
Tum Tum Tinker Fun stories, puppets, comedy and a special wheelbarrow 27 Aug to 28 Aug
Rhyme Time New & old pre-school rhymes & songs 30 Aug to 3 Sep
Meet My Friends Puppets, Poems, Songs and lots of Participation 30 Aug to 3 Sep
Shake Healthy Eating + Exercise = Energy 18 Sep to 20 Mar

Term 4

Playing With Poems Poetry without the boring bits 29 Oct to 31 Oct
Street Sense Important Road Safety messages with astounding circus skills 30 Oct to 1 Nov
Planet Tidy Making children aware of their environment 20 Nov to 22 Nov
Folkie Dokey! Folk Music from around the World 28 Nov to 29 Nov
Out Of The Box Promoting the importance of friends and co-operation 5 Dec to 6 Dec