2019 Pre-School Tour Schedule

Central Queensland

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Term 1

Itty Bitty Beats Lullabies to Heavy Rock, A Capella to Pop & Participation Various dates in Feb & Mar
Ghana Have Some Fun Musical, Cultural and Physical look at Ghana 21 Feb to 27 Feb
STAMP Out Bullying Easy to remember strategies to deal with bullies 4 Mar to 8 Mar

Term 2

Playing With Poems Poetry without the boring bits 5 Jun to 12 Jun
Bongo's Quest for the Ultimate Rhythm Join Bongo in his multicultural comic musical journey around the world 13 Jun to 18 Jun

Term 3

Street Sense Important Road Safety messages with astounding circus skills Various dates in Aug & Sept
Shake Healthy Eating + Exercise = Energy 31 Jul to 2 Aug
Rhyme Time New & old pre-school rhymes & songs 8 Aug to 14 Aug
Meet My Friends Puppets, Poems, Songs and lots of Participation 8 Aug to 14 Aug
Tum Tum Tinker Fun stories, puppets, comedy and a special wheelbarrow 11 Sep to 13 Sep

Term 4

Planet Tidy Making children aware of their environment 4 Nov to 6 Nov
Out Of The Box Promoting the importance of friends and co-operation 11 Nov to 15 Nov
Folkie Dokey! Folk Music from around the World 18 Nov to 21 Nov