Note: This video is footage of a previous performer

Making children aware of their environment.

Planet Tidy is a colourful collection of short segments with the common theme of
taking care of the environment. Children are shown how everyone doing a little,
like putting their litter in the right bins, turning off the tap and switching off the light can make a big difference.

The variety style format allows this show the flexibility to swap between performance genres, giving the performance a lively energy and pace. Rap and opera singing green peas and peas doing im-pea-sonations, morphing puppet fish reciting poetry, a giant clam, shark and hippopotamus are just a few of the colourful characters used to explore the many ideas raised in the show.

All these puppets, props and beautiful illustrations are accompanied by fun songs and simple dance moves that gets everyone up and moving. It is this variety of images and combination of watching, listening and audience participation that all work together to convey the concepts and ideas dealt with in Planet Tidy.

Henrietta Hippo wants to help keep our planet tidy and she has lots of questions for young Stef, the presenter. Henrietta’s constant questioning, “But why?” and “How?” provide not only lots of humour but the perfect way to help children understand in simple terms what they can do and why they should help, to keep our planet tidy.

What other pre-schools have said:

It’s such a fantastic program for children to be more aware of sustainability - especially with all the stories and songs. Children all showed enthusiasm – great interaction. School Performance Tours never disappoint us. Great show and hope to see more new programs coming up.

Rachael. Twinklestar Child Care. Beecroft. NSW.

We were really happy with our Planet Tidy incursion today! Heaps of really interesting information presented in an engaging and age appropriate manner. It gave us great information to extend on with the children and foster their appreciation for our world and environment.

Karen Sinclair. Kindy Cove Child Care Centre. Lane Cove. NSW.