Santa's Mum And The Baby Elf
Santa's Mum And The Baby Elf

It’s almost Christmas and little Louise is too excited to go to sleep, so each night her Mum tells her stories about Santa and his magic workshop.

It is always very busy at this time of year in Santa’s workshop so Louise’s Mum has lots of stories to tell. Just as well, because every time Mum thinks Louise is finally asleep she wakes up and needs another story.

All the elves love to work hard to get all the presents made and ready for all the children, but if there is one thing the elves love to do more then make toys, it is sing while they work.

Santa is away at reindeer training camp. Santa’s reindeers have to get in shape for their long flight around the world on Christmas Eve, so Santa’s Mum is left in charge of the elf workshop. All is going well; the elves are singing, working and having a great time until Mrs Claus realizes that baby elf has been wrapping up presents without writing on the card, who the present is for. There is not enough time to unwrap all the presents to find out what they are so the audience has to help identify the ball that is for Amy, Frances’ Tractor and all the other presents that baby elf has wrapped.

With music and sing-a-longs, dancing, wonderful costumes, puppets, an adorable Christmas set complete with Christmas tree and even a little Christmas magic, Santa’s Mum and the Baby Elf is designed to entertain and actively involve the children from start to finish.

Karina Goddard has worked in theatre since before she graduated from secondary school. A trained singer, dancer and actor she has acted in the Star Wars movies and even has an action figure made of her Star Wars character. She currently tours Australia performing in primary schools and kindies and when in Sydney performs regularly at Sydney’s iconic Luna Park.

Book early for Christmas, to get the date that suits your centre best.

Please be kind to Santa’s Mum – her suit is designed for the winter - please place her indoors - air conditioned or near a fan – thank you for your consideration.

What pre-schools have said:

The children loved the show and were engaged with the content.

Lisa Preston. Fauna Place Early Education Centre. Kirrawee. NSW.

The children enjoyed the whole show. Teachers liked that it had a range of things – singing, jokes and audience participation.

Noni Clare. The Beach Early Learning Centre. Erina. NSW.

The children enjoyed Eno the elf, the magic and learning all about the important things connected to Christmas. They loved being reindeer and having their photos taken with Santa.

Genia Marangos. Fauna Place Early Education Centre. Kirrawee. NSW.

Price: $5.50 per child ($5.00 + $0.50 GST) or $385 ($350 + $35 GST) whichever is the greater.

Suitable: 2 to 6 year olds.

Times: Show: 45 minutes(+ 10 minutes of photo if the kindy chooses). Set up: 40 minutes. Pack up: 40 minutes.

Requires an indoor performing area 4m deep x 5m wide.