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Curriculum Relevance:

Tom brings 60 ukuleles making this a true hands-on workshop

Tom Harding’s passion for this amazingly portable instrument is infectious and his ability to involve everybody - teachers included- is incredible. His seemingly effortless ability to make everyone feel at ease and produce music together is something he has been perfecting over many years.

Along with the hands-on experience, students will learn some ukulele facts and that many styles of music including disco, funk, pop and jazz sound great when these four strings are played by Tom. During the session as students work towards playing their ukulele they will gain a better understanding of rhythm, tempo, pitch, tone and harmony.

Each workshop is tailored to the skill level of each group. Strumming patterns and finger placement to produce chords for beginners through to modern techniques and syncopated beats for the more advanced. With Tom’s vivacious personality and humour, All Hands On Ukes has something to teach every aspiring musician and most importantly this learning experience is a whole lot of fun.

Tom Harding aka ‘Tom the Pom’ was indeed born in the UK and since 1997 has been playing music and conducting workshops in both the UK and Australia. His energetic and supportive teaching style and his charismatic nature has seen him conduct workshops for BBC Television, and numerous festivals including – Glastonbury, Winter Magic and Newcastle Ukulele festivals. As a performer he has played with Samba Ninja at both State of Origin and Bledisloe Cup. Tom is also currently the vice president of AUTLA, the Australian Ukulele Teachers and Leaders Association.

What Schools have said

Tom was fantastic! He was thoroughly engaging and adaptable. He handled the complexities of our infants only school (as well as pre-school visitors). And the children really responded to his enthusiasm. He was knowledgeable and taught his skills well. Excellent. I highly recommend Tom and his Ukes.

Katie Newsome. K-3. Glen Innes West Infants School. NSW.

Price: Per Workshop - $420 (No GST)
- OR -
10 Workshops - $3600 (No GST)(1 workshop per week over a term, for the same group of students. Only available in the greater Sydney metropolitan area.)

Suitable: Infants to Year 12.

Absolute Maximum Audience Size: 60 students.

Workshop Duration: K-2: - 60 minutes. 
Years 3-12: 90 minutes. Set up: 20 minutes. Pack up: 10 minutes.

Requires: Large cleared area, reasonably sound proof.