Book Show

Curriculum Relevance:
HSIE, SOSE, Society & Environment / Culture:
Change and Continuity. Significant Events and People. The role of People and their Contributions. The Formation of National Identity. History.

An entertaining look at Australia's heroes & legends.

Using stories, music, a vast array of props and audience participation from start to finish, Gerard Cafe brings Australia’s folklore to life. There is didgeridoo playing, sing-a-longs to some Australian classics and even a chance for students to test their sheep shearing skills. Not with real sheep of course but these stuffed jumbucks prove just as feisty as the real thing.

Using lagerphones of various shapes and sizes, a bush band is assembled from audience volunteers who produce quite a rousing tune. More volunteers join in for a bush dance just as they did in the woolsheds during colonial times. During the “dress the swaggie” competition, students meet Bob the swaggie and are invited on stage to dress him in his hat, pipe, billy, tuckerbag and swag, making a perfect segue into the old favourite, Waltzing Matilda.

Gerard Cafe’s charismatic sense of humour and knowledge of the subject turn this into an easy, most enjoyable and informative lesson in Australian folklore.

For the finale, Gerard pays tribute to some modern day heroes, namely bush fire fighters, surf lifesavers and the diggers to show that Australian folklore continues even today.

What schools have said:

Very good. Engaging, informative - Great length for all children. Friendly, organised.

Kaye Spierings. P - 6. Chevallum State School. QLD.

This show was a great combination of educational and interactive opportunities for the children. Particularly engaging for infants and stage 2. Absolutely loved the sheep shearing – very funny and dressing the swagmen was engaging and great due to the competitive nature of the activity!

Kathy Patterson. K – 6. Forbes Public School. NSW.

Price: $5.00 per student (No GST).

Suitable: Preps, K to Year 7.

Minimum Audience Size: 130 students.

Times: Show: 45 to 60 minutes. Set up: 60 minutes. Pack up: 60 minutes.

Requires: an indoor performing area 6m deep x 5m wide.

Gerard Cafe ABN: 67 969 644 954.