Book Show

Curriculum Relevance:

Actively encourages students to create their own poems.

There is no sitting on a stool for this poet; she is on her feet, punctuating poignant points with puppets, props and her own personal panache. She’s out to bridge the gap between nursery rhymes and slam poetry. She even delivers one poor nursery rhyme in a slam poetry style.

The imagery of each poem is enhanced by lavish and occasionally outrageous costumes all designed to captivate and engage today’s screen obsessed generation. Regardless of whether the poem is modern or hundreds of years old, a funny limerick or reflective and a little bit sad it is accompanied by an illusion, acted out, performed to music or to the making of paper animals. There is always something visual happening to engross the audience.

While, Before You Know It, You’ll be a Poet is not a workshop it has loads of audience participation encouraging students to join in and demonstrates that playing with language is heaps of fun. The show ends with a challenge to the audience to pick their favourite poetry styles demonstrated and explained during the performance and write their own poem in that style.

What other schools have said:

The presenter did an excellent job and presented poetry on a level that children could relate to. She also involved them in her presentation and got them to participate. The poems she presented were appropriate and kids really enjoyed listening to them. She had the children engaged and they all enjoyed her tricks.

Karen Werber. Preps/1-4. Emerald Christian College. QLD.

It was great. I loved the different take on teaching poetry that Louise took. I will definitely be using this when I am engaging my students in their poetry learning.

Rikki Esdaile. K/Preps -8. Coolah Central School/Primary. NSW.

Price: $6.00 per student (GST included).

Suitable: Preps, K to Year 7.

Minimum Audience Size: 130 students.

Times: Show: 50 minutes. Set up: 40 minutes. Pack up: 30 minutes.

Requires: an indoor performing area 6m deep x 5m wide.