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Curriculum Relevance:

Students need no prior musical knowledge, just their natural youthful enthusiasm for Tom Harding to have them skilfully performing the energetic Brazilian rhythms that are the Samba.

During a body and hands warm up Tom gives students a brief history of Samba before dividing the participants into four groups and each group is assigned to a group of instruments.

  • Surdos
  • Big bass drums
  • Tambourims
  • Higher pitch drums
  • Ganzas
  • Latin shakers
  • Agogos
  • Tuned bells

Students are taught a different rhythm on each of the four groups of instruments and every student gets to play each of the four rhythms on each of the four different instruments.

When played simultaneously these four rhythms create a Samba ‘Batucada’.

While totally enjoying playing music together, participants learn the benefits of co-operation and teamwork. Students will also discover the awesome result that is achieved when small groups work together as parts of a larger ensemble.

The Samba Experience is innovative and unique and can be taught during the school day or offered as an extra-curricular activity. At the end of the workshop your students will be keen to perform to a class room or the entire school.

Tom Harding has been performing and teaching music since 1997, first in the UK and currently in Australia. His charisma and enthusiastic approach to the Samba brings energy to the workshop that is infectious and immediately has everyone eager to participant. Tom has conducted his workshops around the world at numerous schools and festivals and for corporate clients such as Médecins Sans Frontières and the Cancer Council.

Price: Per Workshop - $420 (No GST)
- OR -
10 Workshops - $3600 (No GST)(1 workshop per week over a term, for the same group of students. Only available in the greater Sydney metropolitan area.)

Suitable: Infants to Year 12.

Absolute Maximum Audience Size: 60 students.

Workshop Duration: K-2: - 60 minutes. 
Years 3-12: 90 minutes. Set up: 20 minutes. Pack up: 10 minutes.

Requires: Large cleared area, reasonably sound proof